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I Help You Optimize Your Business for Revenue, Profit, and Location Independence.

Business Optimization Workshops

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Tired of Not Having the Busienss Success Others Seem to be Having Doing the Same Thing You Are?

Optimize These Five Business Processes, To End The Struggle


Leadership – Your business can’t grow beyond your leadership capacity. (Vision, Mission, Core Values, Hiring, Onboarding, HR, Team Meetings)


Lead Generation – Every dollar you’ll ever make will start as a lead. More qualified leads, more dollars. (Advertising, Lead Magnets, Social Media)


Lead Conversion – The shorter and tighter the sales cycle, the faster cash comes in. (Marketing, Sales)


Collecting and Managing Money – If you don’t have a plan for your money, you won’t have any money. (Budgeting, Invoicing, Metrics, Payroll, Savings, Giving)


Project Management – This is where your profit is made or lost and where client expectations are met or not. (Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Control, Feedback Loops, Research and Development)

My clients find success in starting with one of my five 90 minute roadmap sessions.

Strategic Planning Roadmap

If you feel like you are jumping from one idea to the next, you need a strategy. Together, we will create a strategic plan based on an assessment of your current situation and future and hopes and dream.  You’ll have a clear picture of what to work on next and what you can stop giving energy to right now. Get focus, get control, get results! | $297

Lead Factory Roadmap

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is they start promoting their services/products and leave a ton of money on the table.  Together, we will map out your Opportunity Pipeline, Lead Magnet, and Email Automation to maximize every lead. Plus, I’ll help you choose a CRM if you don’t have one.  | $297

Sales Metrics Roadmap

The key to winning in sales is doing the right activity over and over and over again.  Together, we will identify your revenue goals for the next year and establish the key indicators to predict success.  In other words, we will create your sales activity calendar to help you reach your goals.  | $297

Service Pricing Roadmap

Confidence in pricing your services and/or products is crucial for success.  This is also one of the biggest mistakes people make and struggle with.  Together, we will create a spreadsheet that ensures your pricing is right for you.  Then, you’ll have the spreadsheet forever to use of all future products and services. | $297

SOP Roadmap

A set of standard operating procedures ensures repeat success.  Together, we will setup an easy-to-use standard operating procedure system.  I call this an SOP Vault. We will also create your first SOP’s and define a list of SOP’s you’ll need. | $297

Coaching By The Numbers:


Increased Profitability

Research by the Harvard Business Review indicates that businesses utilizing coaching experienced a 22% increase in profitability. This suggests that engaging a business coach can directly contribute to optimizing revenue streams and maximizing profits for business owners.


Improved Decision-Making

A study conducted by Stanford University revealed that business owners who worked with coaches reported making better decisions, resulting in a 28% increase in decision-making effectiveness. This underscores the role of coaching in providing business owners with strategic guidance and clarity, leading to more informed choices that drive business success


Achievement of Location Independence

According to a survey conducted by Entrepreneur magazine, 78% of business owners who engaged in coaching reported achieving a greater degree of location independence, allowing them to run their businesses remotely while maintaining or even increasing profitability. This illustrates how coaching can help business owners optimize their operations for flexibility and freedom, enabling them to work from anywhere without compromising business performance.

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