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These are resources I use to run my business as a digital nomad.

I have found that have the trifecta of the right mindset, skillset, and toolset has made all the difference.  

These are some of the tools that are part of my toolset.

Nomad Business Operations:

Traveling Mailbox

We receive all of our mail, personal and business, do our address at Traveling Mailbox.  I get a notification on the app when new mail arrives.  I see a scanned image of the mail and can decide to have the envelope opened and the contents scanned or have the envelope destroyed.


Add An Instant Team of Creative and Technical Staff To Your Business
Whether you want to offer additional services, or just need more hands on deck, your FocusWP Team is on call and ready to tackle any task.


Setapp is a smart way to get apps for users who create value with the help of their Apple devices.  I use several apps each day that I’ve installed through Setapp.  Every Mac user should leverage this.  Work smarter. Some of my favorite apps; Paste, Typemind, Bartender, Declutter, and Permute.

Skill Development:

Review Pro Launchpad

If you are in or want to be in the digital marketing space, reputation management is a must offer service.  Watch the webinar to learn all the amazing benefits to offering this service and how to get started today!

Web Designer Pro

If you want to have a web diesgn business as a digital nomad, start here.  Josh has several courses, community and coaching. Everything you need to build your web design business fast!  This is where I got my start.

Recommended Books