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Is ReviewLead the Right Platform for a Digital Nomad To Sell as a Service

by | Apr 8, 2024

While using ReviewLead may not be a forever solution, and I’ll share below why I stopped using ReviewLead, I want to emphasize from the outset that if you’ve never offered reputation management services before, starting with ReviewLead is your best move.

When it comes to soliciting automated review requests, the options seem endless. You could opt for tools like BrightLocal, or even craft your own tailored automation system using platforms like ActiveCampaign or Go High Level.

However, the true value of ReviewLead doesn’t lie solely in its functionality as a tool.

How to Approach Selling ANY Service

There’s an age-old sales adage: “No one buys a 3/4 inch drill bit; they’re buying the 3/4 inch holes the drill bit will make.” Essentially, people don’t seek out drill bits; they seek the end result—the holes. While there are myriad ways to create those holes, an electric drill with a precision drill bit makes the task effortless.

Selling services operates on the same principle. Take web design, for instance. Or digital marketing. Even coaching services. Throughout my travels as a digital nomad, I’ve encountered countless individuals. Yet, I’ve never met someone who simply needs a website. Instead, I’ve met people in dire need of an easily accessible means for prospects to learn about them and reach out. Yellow Pages once served this purpose; today, it’s websites. Now, don’t off track with technicalities—yes, there are alternative means to facilitate accessible contact avenues, and therein lies my point. A website is merely a tool.

Don’t peddle tools—promote and sell solutions.

So, when it comes to reputation management and ReviewLead, don’t fixate solely on the tool. As your business evolves, you’ll likely switch tools. When I initially ventured into offering website care plans, I relied on reseller hosting. Now, we operate our own server in a Class A data center, overseen by a dedicated server administrator. It’s a superior solution for both us and our clients. However, that transition didn’t occur until we surpassed 100 clients on our care plan.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management entails the strategic curation and maintenance of an individual or brand’s online reputation. It involves actively shaping public perception by managing online reviews, social media presence, and other digital content to bolster a positive image.

Reputation management can include a varity of services, for example:

  1. Automated review acquisition from current customers.
  2. Website optimization for speed, accessibility, and design.
  3. Optimization of directories such as Google Business Profile and Apple Business Connect for local businesses.
  4. Webchat for quick communication to answer prospects’ questions.
  5. Missed call text back to save missed sales call opportunities

I started our reputation management service with website optimization and ReviewLead.  Now, we have an entire suite of systems we combine into our reputation management program for our clients.

Behind the Scenes Look Into Review Pro LaunchPad



What is ReviewLead?

ReviewLead is a comprehensive review acquisition and management platform designed to streamline the process of soliciting and managing customer reviews. It offers automated review request functionality, simplifying the task of generating authentic and positive feedback from satisfied clients.

But, the best part of ReviewLead, and why I think you should start with it is the training and asset library you get when you purchase it.  You aren’t selling the software, you are selling the solution to a real problem every business in the world has.

How to Make Money with ReviewLead?

Utilizing ReviewLead as a revenue-generating tool involves leveraging its capabilities to enhance the online reputation of your clients with automation that lowers the chance of negative reviews. In other words, you save your customers time and effort and increase their total 5-star review count which will help them get more customers to check them out. By offering reputation management services powered by ReviewLead, you can assist businesses in cultivating a strong online presence, attracting more customers, and ultimately boosting their bottom line.

  • You could make a business solely from ReviewLead.
  • You could use ReviewLead as a “foot in the door” solution that positions you to upsell higher ticket services later.
  • You could sell a comprehensive reputation management program with ReviewLead as just one component.

Why I Stopped Using ReviewLead

While ReviewLead certainly offers unbeatable benefits, there came a point in my business journey where replacing it with out own system made sense.  We were able to consolidate our tools into one which saved us money and time.  But, we would not be here if we hadn’t started with Reviewlead.

Looking back, investing in learning and using ReviewLead saved me countless hours of trial and error, and reverse engineering, and saved me from most likely giving up on reputation management as a service.

Why I Strongly Recommend ReviewLead

  1. You get the software to offer as a service.
  2. You get the training to sell the service.
  3. You get access to ongoing support and community for both technical support but also sales training.
  4. You’ll get to your first sale and profit MONTHS sooner.

Watch the webinar about ReviewLead here.