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Why Every Digital Nomad Needs Two Coaches

by | Jun 8, 2024

As a digital nomad, the journey to building a sustainable and scalable business that supports your lifestyle is both exciting and challenging. Two essential types of coaches can significantly enhance your success: an industry coach and a business coach who understands remote business operations. These coaches will provide the guidance needed to create a thriving business model that aligns with your nomadic lifestyle.

The Role of the Industry Coach for a Digital Nomad

An industry coach is a specialist with deep knowledge and experience in your specific field. Whether you are in digital marketing, web design, copywriting, graphic design, coaching, course creation, travel blogging, or any other industry, this coach provides tailored advice and strategies to excel in your niche.

Why You Need an Industry Coach

  1. Expert Guidance: Industry coaches have a wealth of knowledge and experience in your field. They understand the nuances of your industry and can offer insights that are not readily available through general business advice.
  2. Latest Trends and Techniques: Staying competitive requires keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, and tools. An industry coach ensures you remain at the forefront of your field.
  3. Tailored Strategies: Unlike generic advice, an industry coach provides customized strategies that directly apply to your business, increasing your effectiveness and efficiency.

How to Find an Industry Coach

  • Industry Conferences and Workshops: Attend in-person or online events where industry leaders speak. These gatherings are excellent opportunities to meet potential coaches and assess their expertise.
  • Podcasts: Several industry coaches have podcasts, do a Google search and start following a couple to see who you most connect with.
  • Professional Networks: Join industry-specific groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other professional networks. Engage in discussions and seek recommendations for reputable coaches.
  • Online Platforms: Websites like,, and LinkedIn offer directories of coaches. Look for those with proven experience and positive reviews in your industry.

Example: The Web Designer’s Path

For instance, if you’re a web designer, working with someone like Josh Hall can give you the specific guidance you need. An industry coach like Josh can help you navigate the complexities of web design trends, client management, and advanced design techniques, ensuring you stay competitive and effective in your work.

The Role of the Business Coach for a Digital Nomad

A business coach is the other side of the coin you need as they focus on the overall growth and management of your business. This coach helps you develop and refine essential processes required for scaling your business, including leadership, lead generation, lead conversion, financial management, and project management.

Why You Need a Business Coach

  1. Holistic Business Growth: A business coach looks at your business as a whole, ensuring that all aspects are optimized for growth and sustainability.
  2. System Development: They help you establish systems and practices that allow your business to operate independently, reducing your direct involvement and freeing up your time.
  3. Scalability: Business coaches are experts in scaling operations, which is crucial for growing your business while maintaining your nomadic lifestyle.
  4. Future Focused: Business coaches help you prepare for long-term success in business, even if you change your industry, product, or service model.

How to Find a Business Coach

  • Referrals: Ask other digital nomads or entrepreneurs for recommendations. Personal referrals can lead you to reputable and effective coaches.
  • Online Directories: Websites like Noomii, the International Coach Federation, and even LinkedIn can help you find qualified business coaches.
  • Social Media and Blogs: Many successful business coaches have active blogs, YouTube channels, or podcasts. Following them can give you a sense of their coaching style and effectiveness before you commit.
  • Me: That’s right, let’s work together. I’m a remote business coach. Regardless of your industry, I can help you optimize your business for revenue, profits, and location independence.

Example: General Business Scaling

A business coach ensures that you’re not just creating a job for yourself but building a business that can operate independently of your day-to-day involvement. This kind of coaching is crucial for establishing systems and practices that allow for sustainable growth and scalability.

Why They Should Be Separate Coaches

Specialized Expertise

Industry and business coaches offer distinct forms of expertise. An industry coach focuses on the specifics of your field, while a business coach provides the strategies for overall business growth. Having separate coaches ensures you receive specialized and comprehensive guidance in both areas.

Diverse Perspectives

Separate coaches bring diverse perspectives and skills to your business. This combination can lead to more innovative solutions and well-rounded advice, enhancing your ability to scale effectively while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Balanced Development

By working with both types of coaches, you ensure that neither the technical aspects of your industry nor the broader business strategies are neglected. This balanced development is crucial for sustainable growth and long-term success.

The Bottom Line on Business Coaches for Digital Nomads

For digital nomads aiming to build a scalable and sustainable business, engaging both an industry coach and a business coach is essential. These coaches provide specialized guidance, ensure you stay competitive, and help you develop systems that support your nomadic lifestyle. By leveraging their expertise, you can create a thriving business that allows you to travel and work seamlessly.